Yingxin Zhang

IMG_0442Yingxin Zhang achieved both her Bachelor degree in Life Sciences (2009-2013) and Master degree in Microbiology (2013-2016) from Shandong University in China. Her master degree thesis is “D-lactate utilisation in Pseudomonas putida KT2440” under the supervision of Professor Ping Xu’s research group. She got expertise in investigating different lactate dehydrogenase enzyme properties, and gained experience in gene cloning, gene knock out and complementation, protein expression and purification, and HPLC technique to measure compounds.

In September 2016, She started her PhD in Professor Jason Micklefield’s group, involved in the project related to biosynthesis of antibiotics, which covers aspects of natural products, chemistry and enzymology/biocatalysis with core generic skills training in molecular biology, microbiology, protein engineering and enzyme assays.


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