Louis Adamson

Louis graduated with an MChem in Chemistry at the University of Manchester in 2022. During his studies, he worked with Dr Simon Webb for his 3rd year project on Foldamer-incorporated NHC Rhodium complexes in the catalysis of hydrosilylation reactions, as well as working with Prof Anthony Green for his master’s project on exploring the catalytic mechanism of de novo MBHases using isotopically labelled substrates.

Louis arrived at the lab in 2022 as a PhD student as part of a BBSRC DTP CASE studentship program in collaboration with Exactmer. Louis’ project involves working on engineering new methods for the enzymatic synthesis of modified nucleic acid therapeutics.

Outside of the lab, Louis enjoys collecting vinyls, travelling and playing video games. Louis also runs the MIB 5-a-side football team and loves a good kick-about (at the expense of the occasional injury).