Aimee Haggarty

Aimee received her MChem degree from the University of Manchester, and in her fourth year as part of a research project investigated the attempted synthesis of a homoleptic uranium cyclobutadienyl sandwich complex under the supervision of Prof. Stephen T. Liddle.

Continuing at the University of Manchester, Aimee joined the iCAT CDT. During the first year she spent two rotations in the Procter group and the Bures group, looking at the sulfoxide mediated activation of amides and the kinetic studies on the cycloisomerisation of N-propylcarboxamides using AuCl3 respectively. She joined the Micklefield group in collaboration with the Cai group in 2022 as an iCAT EPSRC funded PhD student to research merging synthetic cells with chemocatalysis, telescoping new routes to pharmaceuticals and other essential products.

Outside of the lab, Aimee enjoys powerlifting, playing guitar, gaming and learning languages.