Dr Andreea Iorgu

Andreea received her BEng in Chemical Engineering (2012) and MEng in Advanced Materials (2014) from Politehnica University of Bucharest. During her undergrad and master’s studies, Andreea worked on materials science projects, from characterising multiferroics and catalysts for water denitrification to designing novel biocompatible drug delivery systems using inorganic matrices. Her interest in scientific research headed her move to the UK, where she took an Early Stage Marie Curie Fellow position at Manchester Institute of Biotechnology in the group of Nigel Scrutton. This position introduced her to the biological sciences and the field of enzymology. Andreea worked on understanding the molecular basis of ene-reductases reactivity and selectivity towards nicotinamide coenzymes and was awarded a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry (2019) from The University of Manchester. Andreea continued her research as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Sam Hay, where she focused on understanding the physical basis of enzyme catalysis. Andreea joined the Micklefield lab in June 2022, where she will contribute her expertise in mechanistic enzymology, structural biology and biophysics to the development new pathways to antibiotics to combat emerging resistance and to treat neglected diseases.

Publication list:

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