Dr Dongxu Jia

Dr. Dongxu Jia received his master degree in biotechnology from Northeast Agricultural University (2005). After engaging one-year drug research in Chinese enterprise (2006), he continued his academic research in GuiZhou University and received his postgraduate degree in microorganism (2009). Then, he selected studying in Jiangnan University and received PhD degree in fermentation engineering (2013). He began his academic career in Zhejiang University of Technology and works till now (2013-2022) as associate Professor. His research field is about industrial enzymes application, involving enzyme mining, engineering, fermentation, immobilization and bioconversion. He joined Micklefield group as an academic visitor in April 2022 and is engaging in a project regarding domain-based redesigning current ligases for expanding their application in amide synthesis.


Selected Publications:

  1. Jia DX, Wang F, Zhao R, et al. Engineering novel (R)-selective transaminase for efficient symmetric synthesis of D-alanine. Appl Environ Microbiol, 2022, 88: e0006222.
  2. Jia DX, Sun CY, Jin YT, et al. Properties of D-allulose 3-epimerase mined from Novibacillus thermophilus and its application to synthesis of D-allulose. Enzyme Microb Technol, 2021, 148: 109816.
  3. Jia DX, Peng C, Li JL, et al. Redesign of (R)-omega-transaminase and its application for synthesizing amino acids with bulky side chain. Appl Biochem Biotechnol, 2021, 193: 3624-3640.
  4. Jia DX, Xu HP, Sun CY, et al. Covalent immobilization of recombinant Citrobacter koseri transaminase onto epoxy resins for consecutive asymmetric synthesis of L-phosphinothricin, Bioprocess Biosyst Eng, 2020, 43: 1599-1607.
  5. Jia DX, Liu ZJ, Xu HP, et al. Asymmetric synthesis of L-phosphinothricin using thermostable alpha-transaminase mined from Citrobacter koseri, J Biotechnol, 2019, 302: 10-17.
  6. Jia DX, Wang T, Liu ZJ, et al. Whole cell immobilization of refractory glucose isomerase using tris(hydroxymethyl)phosphine as crosslinker for preparation of high fructose corn syrup at elevated temperature, J Biosci Bioeng, 2018, 126: 176-182.
  7. Jia DX, Zhou L, Zheng YG. Properties of a novel thermostable glucose isomerase mined from Thermus oshimai and its application to preparation of high fructose corn syrup, Enzyme Microb Technol, 2017, 99: 1-8.
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