Dr. Angélica Jiménez-Rosales

Angelica Jimenez Rosales

Angelica Jimenez-Rosales obtained her BSc in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, during the last year of her degree she did a placement at Pfizer in the Quality Assurance area to assist in documentation compliance for Good Production Practices and Good Laboratory Practices. In 2010 she completed her MChem degree at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. Her master project was focused on the quantification and association of oxidative-stress and endothelial-dysfunction biomarkers in people with high cardiovascular risk. During this time she made a stay research project at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (January to July 2010) to assess the production of inflammation biomarkers in rats.

She joined the Micklefield group in October 2011 and in December 2015 got her PhD degree. Her research project focused on the development of an enzymatic system that selectively uses an analogue cofactor for orthogonal protein modification. She has experience with analytical techniques (HPLC, NMR and MS), site directed mutagenesis, protein overexpression and purification, in-gel digestion of proteins, real-time PCR and immunoassays (Western blot and ELISA). Her research interests include molecular biology, synthetic biology and drug development.



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Book Chapters

Salud del adolescente (Health in Adolescents). Chapter: Dislipidemias en el adolescente (Dyslipidemias in adolescents). Angélica Jiménez-Rosales, Ma. Victoria Domínguez-García. . Gerardo G.Huitron. . UAEMex, 2013, 35-55. ISBN: 978-607-422-439-9