Yasamin Noori

Yasamin Noori obtained her BSc. in chemistry from the University of Tehran, Iran (2014). She was granted the “Exceptional talent” scholarship for her M.Sc (2014-2017) and went on to complete her research in Inorganic Nanochemistry at the same university. Her research in Iran focuses on the synthesis and characterization of Pb nano coordination polymers and different approaches of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

Yasamin was awarded President Scholarship from the University of Manchester for her phD and joined the Micklefield group in 2018. She is researching on the characterisation, and development of methyl-transferases enzymes with variant synthetic co-factors and their derivatives. She gained considerable experience in synthetic organic chemistry and looks forward to developing her skills as a biochemist.


Selected Publications:

• Post-synthetic ion-exchange process in nanoporous metal–organic frameworks; an effective way for modulating their structures and properties, RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 1782-1808.

• What can only occur in supramolecular systems; first solid-state conversion of micro to nanostructures without any treatment in environmental conditions, Ultrasound Sonochem, 2018; 40(Pt A); 17-20.

• Studies the effects of ultrasonic irradiation and dielectric constants of solvents on formation of lead(II) supramolecular polymer; new precursors for the synthesis of lead(II) oxide nanoparticles, Ultrasound Sonochem, 2017 ; 35(Pt A); 36-44.

• Self-assembly through secondary interactions in formation of two-dimensional lead (II) supramolecular polymer with nanosheets morphology, 1130, 2017, 311–318.