Dr. Anna-Winona Struck

Anna-Winona Struck obtained her Diploma in Chemistry from the University of Hamburg in 2007 including an ERASMUS research project from January 2005 to September 2005 at the University of Oslo. After graduation she remained at the University of Hamburg, completing a PhD in Chemistry in 2011. The topic of her PhD thesis was the analysis of the interactions between viral surface proteins of the SARS coronavirus and human cell receptors, to develop small molecules to inhibit the virus-receptor-binding.

Anna-Winona joined the Micklefield group in 2011 for a Post-doctoral position. Her research interests are selective labelling of proteins via enzymes, NMR, assay development and organic synthesis.  She also has experience in protein expression and purification, molecular modelling and other analytical techniques such as HPLC, SPR and mass spectrometry.

Anna-Winona is now a Biomedical research project manager at the University of Sheffield.

Anna-Winona loves travelling, and when she is not in the lab you can find her in the gym, out on her bike or in the pub.


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